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2015 Interns


Meet the Interns!

Lucy Noble

Hometown: Hanover, Pennsylvania

POE: Marketing/Entrepreneurship

Hi! My name is Lucy Noble and I am a senior here at Juniata College. I chose to transfer into Juniata from Harrisburg Community College because of my interest in creating my own POE and having flexibility in my own schedule. I wanted to keep a small classroom setting and continue to have one-on-one connections with my professors. I was also interested in the many study abroad programs that Juniata offers. Through this, I studied abroad in Rwanda last winter and will be traveling to Ireland next summer. I hope you enjoy the uniqueness and great opportunities Juniata has to offer!


Ahmed Tovar

Hometown: McAllen, TX

POE: Physics

Hello! I chose to attend Juniata because of the beauty of the campus and my desire to visit new places. I wanted to get away from home since I’ve lived there all my life and my family never really had the financial ground to travel around. With help from the college, I can now travel around the state and study abroad to countries I’ve always wanted to see. Even with all the traveling, Juniata has helped me visit these places while still being able to afford my education which is something I could have never done in any other place.


Holly Renninger

Hometown: Adamstown, Pennsylvania

POE: Management with a secondary POE in German

Hi everyone! I chose to go to Juniata because of its location and also the connections between all the students and the professors. Juniata is not too far away from home, but also not too close. Although it is a small town, there still are many things to explore. Along with the small town, the small amount of students allows for everyone to be at least familiar with one another. I love being able to walk to class and being able to see maybe 5 people I know on the way. Who knows maybe you will be one of those familiar faces too!



Denisse Emily Herrera

Hometown: Frisco, TX

POE: Social Work and an Education Emphasis

Hello, my name is Denisse Emily Herrera and I'm a senior at Juniata College. I chose Juniata because I was looking for a new and exciting adventure. The Liberal Arts curriculum and the small class sizes have given me a more personalized learning experience. I am working towards a Bachelors in Social Work with the goal of working with underprivileged children and families through community outreach programs. Juniata's location is calm and quiet. Being that I am from a larger city, I've learned to value nature and life in a small community much more. I'm always excited for the start of a new year at Juniata College!


We can't wait to meet all of you!!!