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Through participation in a variety of service projects within Huntingdon and surrounding counties, the Community Service retreat will allow participants to learn more about themselves, their peers, and their new neighbors. Participants will gain an understanding of leadership and civic responsibility while experiencing Huntingdon and improving the community. Students will have the opportunity to participate in several community service projects focused on hunger issues during the retreat.

Each retreat will also have the opportunity to mingle with other retreats and participate in larger group activities and programs.

 **Keep checking in for updates on the Community Service retreat throughout the spring as we move further along in the planning process.

Meet your Peer Leaders:

Tzvia Cahn

Hometown: San Jose, CA

POE: Biology/psychology

I am a junior at Juniata College. I am a member of the Juniata women's swim team. My favorite thing about Juniata is the beautiful campus. My favorite part of inbound my freshman year was going white water rafting. I am very excited about leading the community service: hunger inbound group this year.

Zoe Oswald

Hometown: Auburn, ME

POE: Entrepreneurship

A couple of my favorite clubs here at Juniata are the Young Entreperneurs Society club (YES Club) and the ultimate frisbee club. The Young Entrepreneurs Society is made up of inspired individuals who are interested in learning about all aspects of starting a business. The club is comprised of students from a variety of POEs such as Science, Bio and Business, giving the club a variety of perspectives on the business world. The club also runs the schools micr-fridge business. The ability to run this business offers students wonderful, real world experience in running a business.

I love being part of the frisbee club not only because I love the game, but I also love the team that we have created here at Juniata. Though I am not the best on the team, I am still able to come out, play, learn and just have a blast! The ultimate frisbee club offers me a fun, positive way to get active on campus.