Human Resources

Human Resources Checklist


Check Box Send welcome card to new employee
Check Box Send New Hire notice to announce the arrival of the new hire
Check Box Send New Hire Orientation Checklist to the department supervisor

During HR Orientation

Check Box Greet and welcome the new employee
Check Box Introduce employee to HR personel and other departments of importance or frequent contact
Check Box Provide and review Welcome Packet which includes information regarding:
     Check Box General job description and organizational chart
     Check Box Employee Handbook
     Check Box Community volunteer opportunities: Relay for Life, event committees, etc.
     Check Box Benefits
     Check Box Timesheets, reporting absences, declaring overtime if applicable
Check Box Field questions regarding Welcome Packet
Check Box Schedule follow-up appointment

Week One

Check Box Review forms and answer any questions during follow up appointment
Check Box Sign Orientation and Fringe Benefit checklists proving that all information was covered by HR
Check Box Send mandatory training email to employee
Check Box Send orientation evaluation form to employee
Check Box Follow up with Department Supervisor to see if a mentor has been selected