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NEO Additional Information for Department Supervisors


Department Mission

  • Read and explain it to employee.
  • Field questions regarding wording, implications, etc.
  • Encourage the employee to learn it and support its purpose.
  • Focus on its relevance and importance to Juniata's employees and customers.

Customer Service

  • Introduce the department's customers (e.g. students, parents, community).
  • Emphasize the quality and achievements of our students.
  • Explain the department's approach to satisfying its customers.
  • Help depict how pleased customers positively affect the department and its reputation at the college and in the community (helps with recruiting).
  • Provide necessary guidelines about implementing excellent customer service.

Behavior Guidelines

  • Be specific regarding policies and accepted, expected behavior in the department.

Tour of the Department / Other Offices

  • Do this after lunch in order to start fresh (remember the employee just endured several hours of explanations and introductions; employee is probably overwhelmed!)
  • Meet President during tour time (if available).

Day One Assignments

  • Make sure it allows the new employee to feel valuable and responsible.
  • Do not make employee's first job busy work - that is demeaning to any employee.
  • Ask a co-worker to walk through the task with the new employee if it is fairly complicated or if it is done "the Juniata Way."

Week One Assignments

  • Brief the employee about typical jobs that are shared within the department.
  • If you cannot schedule specific tasks for new hire to complete by the end of the week, provide insight about what can be expected to happen.
  • Be optimistic about opportunities - it encourages independence.
  • Inform your new employee about the goal-setting meeting and the upcoming evaluation that must be completed by the end of the week.
  • Finally, encourage new hire to ask questions if anything confusing or uncertain should arise. It is much easier to correct a mistake before it happens!
  • Select an appropriate Mentor from outside your department and submit your request to Benefits Coordinator, who will take the responsibility of setting up their first meeting.