Human Resources

Department Supervisors Checklist


Check Box Order/obtain supplies i.e. name plate, keys, and desk supplies.
Check Box Send email to Department to announce arrival of new hire.
Check Box Create a week one schedule.
Check Box Schedule meeting for day one with President (appx. 15 minutes).
Check Box Schedule meeting for day one with Benefits Coordinator, to fill out paperwork (appx. 1 hour).

Day One

Check Box Welcome & introduce employee to department personnel.
Check Box Show employee their desk area.
Check Box Discuss Juniata's mission, department mission, leadership philosophy, customer service policies, and behavior guidelines.
Check Box Discuss normal work hours, building access and emergency procedures, phone and voicemail procedures, and purchasing instructions.
Check Box Take employee to lunch or arrange for co-worker to accompany him/her.
Check Box Tour of dept. & offices/buildings they will visit frequently after lunch.
Check Box Review assignments for day one and field questions.
Check Box Provide an overview of assignments during first week.
Check Box Discuss your managing and leadership style; inform him/her how to approach you. Explain being matched with a mentor.

Week One

Check Box Hold a goal-setting meeting (discuss performance review process/expectations).
Check Box Verify all forms have been signed and returned to HR, including NEO Evaluation form.
Check Box Choose a Mentor from outside your department and recommend individual to Benefits Coordinator.
Check Box Arrange for tour of the campus.
Check Box Verify that employee has completed computer training. Notify HR if training has not been completed.