Human Resources

Payroll Specialist

Primary Role

Completes payroll calculations and processing in support of paycheck preparation. Calculates and files all payroll tax deposits.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepares all college payrolls, payroll deposits, and tax payments.  Reviews timecards for accuracy in regards to Juniata policies.
  2. Balance and prepare all quarterly and year-end federal, state, and local tax forms.  Prepares W-2 tax forms.
  3. Performs all payroll reconciliations.  Reconciles benefit and tax payments with the general ledger.  Reconciles gross to net and proper taxable amounts per payroll.  Reconciles quarterly and year-end taxes.   
  4. Administer Kronos including training, programming and maintenance within software.
  5. Assist employees with a variety of payroll services including check modeling, payroll advances, etc.  Communicate with campus regarding payroll related announcements and changes.
  6. Researches and reviews tax law in relation to payroll.  Make recommendations to ensure tax compliance and implement changes. 
  7. Maintains payroll webpage.
  8. Verifies the integrity of payroll data.  Recommend and implement payroll programs or processes.
  9. Performs related duties as assigned.


Supervision Required/Given

Works independently under prescribed procedures and policies. Supervises Student assistants.

Shared/Other Duties

  1. Assist employees with Kronos related questions and requests for assistance.
  2. Create corresponding journal entries for benefits and taxes.  Create journal entries for payroll related general ledger reclassifications.
  3. Completion of written employment verifications of wage related data.


Supervision Required/Given

  1. Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through completion of a high school diploma and certification and additional basic accounting/bookkeeping training.
  2. Three years bookkeeping/accounting experience sufficient to demonstrate knowledge and capabilities in: completing local, state, and federal payroll tax calculations, fringe benefit computations, software applications used in payroll and accounting transactions.  Experience with Kronos maintenance and excel spreadsheets preferred.
  3. Customer service and communication skills are necessary.
  4. Works independently under prescribed procedures and policies.  Directs duties for Payroll Assistant.