Human Resources

Master Teacher

Primary Role

Plans for, teaches and supervises preschool children and practicum students in the Early Childhood  Education Center.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Collaborating with Director and Early Intervention Staff in design, delivery and evaluation of the program.
  2. Teaching, assessing and documenting children’s skill development.
  3. Assisting with routine maintenance and preparation of the physical environment
  4. Supervising practicum and work study students.
  5. Leading the May program.
  6. Provide feedback to parents regarding their child’s experience and development.
  7. Performs related duties as assigned.


Supervision Required/Given

Works independently under general guidelines and directions. Must work cooperatively and collaboratively with others. Supervise and direct students and volunteers.

Position Qualifications

  1. Knowledge and skills normally acquired through a Bachelor’s degree and certification in Early Childhood Education. Supervisory experience and background in early intervention or special education.
  2. At least three years teaching experience in an early childhood center sufficient to demonstrate competency and capability with: curriculum design, student practicum supervision, classroom teaching, and PC office software at least at the intermediate level.