Human Resources

Director of the Writing Center

Primary Role

Provides instruction to advance knowledge and skills of students, support staff, and tutors. Supervises human and operational resources of the Writing Center.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Designs and implements course curriculum and teaching materials
  2. Provides classroom instruction utilizing technology and lectures, being responsive to differing needs and abilities of students
  3. Measures and evaluates students learning and skill development. Provides feedback and guidance
  4. Hires, trains and supervises new employees of the Writing Center
  5. Prepares and administers yearly budget
  6. Provides professional writing tutorial sessions to individual members of the support staff
  7. Performs related duties as assigned


Supervision Required/Given

Works independently under general guidance and directions. Must work cooperatively with CWS staff and others.

Position Qualifications

  1. Knowledge and abilities normally acquired through a Master's Degree in the discipline/subject matter to be taught to meet departmental needs
  2. One year experience teaching with demonstrated competency in: curriculum development, mastery of the topic being taught, and PC office applications
  3. Excellent communication skills with a demonstrated ability to work with a variety of audiences on skill assessment, training, and coordination