Human Resources

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Director of the Performing Arts

Managing Director - The Gravity Project (TGP)

  1. Provide visionary management approach - working toward:
    • Strong presence for TGP in professional world
    • Network of collaborations with other professional theatre companies/artists
    • Innovative funding and marketing strategies
    • Continuous touring and major festival opportunities
  2. Secure Funding for TGP events/productions
  3. Organize and Manage all TGP events
  4. Create and Manage TGP website
  5. Arrange and Oversee all TGP tours
  6. Manage all details of TGP Guest Artist residencies, including but not limited to:
    • Contracts
    • Housing
    • Travel
    • On campus needs
    • Generating an updated handbook for "Guest Artist Residencies"
  7. Create publicity materials for TGP for:
    • Recruiting students
    • TGP productions
    • TGP institute
  8. Create Mailing List databases for Juniata Theatre and TGP - update list regularly and complete all mailings
  9. Organize, market, manage TGP Institute

Juniata Theatre (JT)

Arts Management POE

  1. Teach all Arts Management Labs including teaching sections on:
    • Graphics using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
    • Creating databases/spreadsheets for mailings, accounting using Filemaker PRO
    • Models of Arts Management
    • Fundraising
    • Stage management
  2. Staff all management phases of Juniata Theatre productions
  3. Supervise all Stage Managers and ASM's for TGP/JT productions
  4. Staff/supervise all Front of House management teams
  5. Create publicity materials for JT/TGP for:
    • Recruiting students
    • TGP productions
    • TGP institute
  6. Organize and Manage all JT events
  7. Create and Manage JT website
  8. Create plan for Juniata Theatre recruitment
  9. Create/Update Mailing List databases for Juniata Theatre- organize mailings

Juniata College Guest Artist Series

Direct College Artist Series

  1. Provide creative and innovative leadership for the continued enhancement of the Artist Series' programmatic, educational, and community development activities consistent with its mission
  2. Effectively represent and position the College in successful relationships with students, patrons, local and state governments, corporations, foundations, and public to generate greater community support and funding
  3. Serve as innovative thinker and leader in identifying ways of reaching new audiences, securing financial resources, developing wide-ranging, successful programs, and directing the Artist Series Growth
  4. Actively support and encourage the design and implementation of initiatives, including educational and community outreach programs, that increase community and youth involvement with the College Artist Series
  5. Create an environment that allows the Center to continue to attract the highest quality entertainment and maintain a high level of artistic excellence through providing the community with a wide variety of performances and programs

Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts

Manage Juniata College's Performing Arts Facility

  1. Create operating schedule and manage day to day operations of the facility
  2. Supervise and guide the building's technical director
  3. Identify annual program objectives that will allow for the artistic success of the Center
  4. Enhance the Center's visibility by building strong relationships with faculty, students, appropriate cultural and civic organizations, government officials, and community leaders
  5. Provide thoughtful and accessible leadership and mentoring for the Center's staff