Human Resources

Director of Media Relations

Primary Role

Enhance the image of the college through researching and preparing news stories, press releases, and interest articles, and responding to media inquiries.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Research, prepare and submit articles, news stories and press releases to media sources for publication. Interview appropriate sources to gather needed background and information.
  2. Develop relationships with external media sources to promote and assist with coverage of newsworthy stories at the college. Read numerous media to identify trends and styles.
  3. Contribute to design, editing, and writing of department publications including brochures, flyers, and newsletters.
  4. Assist with developing and planning of promotional programs to promote college activities and events through a variety of media.
  5. Performs related duties as assigned.


Supervision Required/Given

Receives general direction and guidance. Receives specific writing and publicity assignments from interested parties. Must work collaboratively with diverse individuals and groups. Supervises student assistants.

Position Qualifications

  1. Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through completion of a Bachelor's Degree in journalism or media relations or a related academic program or an equivalent combination of education and writing experience.
  2. Three years of professional writing/media relations experience sufficient to demonstrate competencies with: creative writing, news media coverage, interviewing and researching and PC software applications.