Human Resources

Director of Alumni Relations

Primary Role

The Director of Alumni Relations is the principal operating manager for alumni programs including those intended to promote the effective roles of alumni as volunteers for the college.  As such, the Director will prepare an annual program and calendar of events, activities, and services for alumni in consultation with the Alumni Council, other individual alumni, alumni leaders, appropriate offices, and staff of the college.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Promotes college relationships with alumni as groups and as individuals to engage them in activities that support the strategic objectives of the college.
  2. Creates meaningful opportunities for alumni to serve the college and to participate in organized programs that reflect their affinities with the college. 
  3. Coordinates management of the non-financial portions of the alumni database, assuring it is current, complete, and accessible to those who rely on it in the performance of their professional and volunteer management duties. 
  4. Promotes networking among alumni and college personnel to promote the interests of the alumni and to strengthen the value of those interactions on behalf of the college using appropriate technologies and communication channels. 


Supervision Required/Given


Position Qualifications