Human Resources

Peace Chapel 4

Athletic Department Assistant

Primary Role

Performs essential office-wide support functions for the Athletic Department.

Typical Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Serves as a receptionist at Plaza Entrance of Kennedy Sports and Recreation Center.
  2. Performs general clerical duties for Athletic Department Staff including: answering telephone, scheduling appointments, typing and filing.
  3. Coordinates team bus and van transportation.
  4. Prepares all cash advances.
  5. Hires and supervises student workers.
  6. Sends and records all competition contracts.
  7. Prepares monthly student payroll.
  8. Assists in other areas as assigned.

Position Qualifications

  1. Data entry and word processing skills. Ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and Datatel system.
  2. Ability to meet and deal with a wide range of people and communicate in a positive and helpful manner.
  3. Organizational ability with attentiveness to detail.
  4. Two to four years relevant work experience.