Human Resources

Accounting Services Assistant

Primary Role

Establishes, maintains and prepares internal and external accounting records and reports. Serves as technical support resource for computing applications in department.

Typical Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Review, record, and monitor both Designated and Agency fund expenditures. Budget, compile, prepare and submit requested standard reports to be used by others.
  2. Answer questions, prepare and/or approve billings, reconcile and/or solve problems related to various accounts receivable and cash receipt activities.
  3. Manage college's daily cash needs. Collect and transmit deposits. Purchase/exchange cash at bank for immediate needs. Determine cash balances and recommend account transfers to maintain needed balances.
  4. Compile, prepare and submit entries and verify accuracy of monthly departmental charge-bank reports. Reclassify and make correcting entries as deemed necessary.
  5. Monitor both wired and wireless telephone systems, including analyzing and tracking charges and usage.
  6. Performs related duties as assigned.

Supervision Required/Given

Works independently following established accounting principles and procedures. Must work collaboratively with others to collect and process data. Provides supervision to student assistants/interns.

Position Qualifications

  1. Knowledge and capabilities normally acquired through a high school diploma and two years additional education in accounting/bookkeeping.
  2. Three years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, or financial services sufficient to demonstrate competencies in: tracking and managing multiple accounts, PC applications for account (spread sheets, database access, and word processing), and preparing and analyzing account reports.