Human Resources

Email Distribution Lists

In order to facilitate the use of distribution lists in e-mail, categories/designations have been established. Listed below are the distribution titles and their descriptions:

Passwording Documents
It is important to password documents containing confidential or sensitive information. There are four full-time Network Office Support Staff and several student managers who have privileges to access files stored on the network drives and on local hard drives on computers attached to the network. Although we have full confidence in the integrity of the staff, the risk for unauthorized access to confidential and sensitive files does exist and prudent behavior dictates that reasonable steps be taken to minimize these risks. The following information is provided to reduce any risk of access to this information.

The easiest and most effective way to minimize unauthorized access on confidential and sensitive files is to set suck files so that passwords are required for access. Below is a copy form the Word Help menu of the procedure for putting a password on Word documents. The procedure for Excel is almost identical.

  1. Open the document
  2. Click on File, and then click Save As
  3. Click on Options
  4. In the Protection Password box, type a password, and then click OK
  5. In the Reenter Protection password box, type the password again, and then click OK
  6. Click Save

A very important thing to remember is that once a file has a password, a password is REQUIRED for anyone to access that file. The Help Desk cannot help you access that file if you forget your password on this document.