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November is Open Enrollment for Benefits

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Important Benefits Notices

The Vice President for Finance and Operations, Director of Human Resources, Assistant Director of Human Resources and the Benefits Coordinator administer the insurance programs available to full-time employees. Details of each program are provided to participants at the time of initial appointment. The Director of Human Resources will provide copies of current descriptive booklets when requested. The Assistant Director of Human Resources and the Benefits Coordinator will answer questions regarding specific claims.

A summary of benefits is included in the:


Specific actual benefits are identified in the respective booklets and policies. For further information please contact our benefits coordinator Andrea Smith. Questions regarding tuition benefits should be directed to Valerie Rennell.

For information regarding benefits eligibility during Faculty Leaves, please refer to Fringe Benefits for Faculty on Leaves of Absence detailed in section of the Faculty handbook.

Insurance Coverage Available to Eligible Employees

Benefits Available to all Eligible Employees

Optional Benefits

Workers Compensation

2010 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

The following forms must be completed and submitted to Human Resources in event of Work-related illness or injury:

Additional Information:

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