Human Resources

Department Supervisors Departure Checklist

Please return completed checklist to Human Resources Department

When employee informs you of their departure

Check Box Notify Director of Human Resources.
Check Box Instruct employee to provide formal letter to Human Resources if they have not already done so.
Check Box Contact facilities regarding which keys employee has.
Check Box Contact Help Desk to confirm what technology employee has that must be returned (laptops, software, cell phones, etc).
Check Box Review vacation taken by employee and share information with Human Resources.
Check Box Please review the hiring process page on the Human Resources website and take the necessary actions if you would like the position refilled.

Before employee last day

Check Box Confirm all employee keys are returned to Facilities Services.
Check Box Confirm all employee technology is returned to Help Desk.
Check Box Confirm all employee library materials are returned.
Check Box Confirm employee P-card has been returned to Purchasing Assistant.
Check Box Confirm employee gold card has been returned to Human Resources.
Check Box Assure that employee knows user/email account access will terminate on their departure day.
Check Box Confirm that employee has archived elsewhere any emails or files previously saved on Juniata's network that they are entitled to take with them. 
Check Box
If employee has an iPad or cell phone, please be sure they remove any access codes that may prevent the technicians from being able to access the device to reset it.  It is recommended that they reset the device before returning it so that it no longer has connections to their email or any data stored on it. 
Check Box If they have an encrypted drive, please be sure they unlock the encryption after removing sensitive data from the device.

Check Box Confirm that employee Release of Information form has been returned to the Human Resources Office.