Human Resources

Quick Ergonomic Checklist

You can use the following checklist to assess your own workstation:

[]    Head & Neck = upright and relaxed, balanced between 


[]    Hands & Wrists = Relaxed and straight without bending up,

       down or sideways.

[]    Knees = At about hip level (may be slightly higher or lower  

       depending upon comfort and preference).

[]    Eyes = About an arm’s length or more from the monitor


[]    Low Back = Supported by the chair’s forward curve or lumbar


[]    Feet = Flat on the floor or footrest; legs are uncrossed and can

       move freely under the desk.

[]    Monitor = Centered directly in front of you; free from glare.

[]    Monitor = Top of the screen is slightly below eye level.

[]    Primary Work Tools = Are within easy reach without leaning

       forward or twisting.

[]    Document Holder = Close to the computer screen and at the

       same height.

[]    Keyboard Tray = In place, adjustable, used; mouse holder 

       attached or nearby.