Human Resources

Network Communications Specialist

Primary Role 

To help maintain all components of the physical voice and data infrastructure that encompasses all aspects of campus.  Act as the primary liaison between Campus Network and Security and telecommunication and media service providers.  This includes telephone (local, long distance, and cellular), data, Internet, Fiber, and cable TV services.  Act as the primary liaison between Facilities Services and Campus Network Services as it relates to infrastructure design and implementation.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities

1. Plans infrastructure upgrades and changes based on identified needs and available technology as they relate to voice and data infrastructure and service.

2. Work directly with service providers for changes in service (cell phones, cable tv, campus phone service, Internet service, outsourcing, etc).

3. Oversee relationships involved in telecommunications management to ensure proper billing and services are enforced.

4. Help maintain overall functioning and serviceability of the campus network infrastructure, including end node devices.

5. Maintain phone and voicemail hardware, servers, configuration, backup, and current routing tables.

6. Assists in supporting and maintaining the campus computer network including edge switches, wireless access points, and security devices.

7. Troubleshoot all voice and data network infrastructure related issues.

8. Aide in the development of long-term strategic goals and operating plans to guide network operations and development.

9. Responsible for the installation, testing, and evaluation of voice, fiber, copper, cable TV, and all other foundation support systems.

10. Assist students, faculty, and staff, through the help desk, in the maintenance of adds, moves and changes of telecommunication services.

11. Assist with Audio / Visual infrastructure and routine troubleshooting as needed.

12. Performs related duties as assigned.