Human Resources

Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Retention

Primary Role

The Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Retention is the chief enrollment officer and is charged to build, maintain, and strengthen relationships between the College and prospective students, parents, alumni, and counselors to enable the College to accomplish its strategic enrollment and retention objectives.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provides institutional leadership in the development and implementation of strategies for recruiting students, including developing annual and long term admissions goals.
  2. Collaborates in College-wide efforts to promote student success which is demonstrated by achieving and sustaining retention goals and graduation rates.
  3. Manages strategies for the effective use of financial aid in the recruitment and retention of students at the lowest feasible discount levels.
  4. Oversees development of publications and communications to create a positive and motivating image of the college among prospective students, their families and others influential in the matriculation of those students.
  5. Acts creatively as an individual and in concert with others to initiate programs and to further develop programs that enhance the reputation, viability and competitiveness of the College.


Supervision Given/Received

  1. Reports to the President and works independently with discretion and judgment as to how best to achieve college goals. 
  2. Provides guidance, skills development and career support to multiple direct reports and promotes effective teamwork and communication.


Position Qualifications

  1. BS/BA is required. An advanced degree is desirable. Additional training and education in higher education administration is highly desirable.
  2. At least ten years of progressively responsible experience in enrollment management and/or retention is required.
  3. Excellent interpersonal, planning, organizational and communication skills.
  4. A working knowledge of computer programs and database management.
  5. Ability to work independently within a broad strategic framework and institutional priorities.
  6. Must work cooperatively and collaboratively with numerous and diverse individuals and groups.
  7. A team player with the proven ability to lead a staff, to develop competencies in others and to delegate responsibility.
  8. Willingness to travel extensively and work non-traditional hours.