Health and Wellness

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Websites Related to College Counseling

Below is a list of websites that might be helpful coping with some common college counseling topics.


Eating Disorders
Lots of information about symptoms and statistics

On-line student support. Sponsored by Jed Foundation. Focus is on suicide prevention.
A Faith-Based Perspective on Suicide

Rape, Abuse and Incest
This is the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network website.

Mental Health
This is the website for the National Mental Health Association. Also links to MPower (musicians for mental health) and "Back to Campus"
Screenings for depression and related mood disorders, eating disorders, and alcohol.
Has counseling pamphlets on many topics.

Guided Meditations

Below is a list of links to access audio relaxation tracks:

Building Self Confidence

Career Planning

Dealing With Regret

Ending Loneliness

Finding Inner Peace

Finding Self Confidence

Ideal Me

Self Belief

Self Esteem

Self Motivation