Health and Wellness

Connie Peters

Health and Wellness Center Nurse

Connie Peters

There is one woman who throws herself into the vast array of unpleasant college ailments every day of each academic year at Juniata College. She is the college's Health and Wellness Center Nurse, Mrs. Connie Peters.

Since 1993, Connie has diagnosed, distributed advice, soothed, cured, and acted as a mother figure for approximately 1,000 Juniata College students per semester. Connie expresses that "students' emotional health is just as important as their physical health" and as a result, she focuses equally on the emotional and physical health of her patients.

Connie's many formal responsibilities to the Juniata students include diagnosing minor illnesses and injuries, treating those illnesses and injuries, administering medication, and referring students to the Health and Wellness Center Physician, Physician Assistant, Counselor, and local medical practitioners when necessary.

It is not her formal responsibilities that make Connie such an asset to the students at Juniata. Instead, it is the responsibilities she assumes that are not inherent in her job description. Connie says, "Sometimes the kids who come to the Center need more than medical attention or counseling. Sometimes they need a mom. I find myself acting like their mom a lot."

Connie fills a motherly role on many levels when dealing with sick students. She is a shoulder to lean on, a giver of advice, and a friend. Connie offers sick college students, especially those who are away from home for the first time, the help and comfort they want and need.

Connie has experienced many venues of nursing in the past, but her favorite population to work with is college students. "I've worked in geriatrics, pediatrics, intensive care units, home health venues, and with college students. College students are by far the most interesting group of people I have worked with."

In fact, the students are her favorite part of the job. "I love the kids. They always come in with a lot of different things, and it's just wonderful to be able to help them be healthier young adults."

With her warmth and compassion, Connie has helped innumerable Juniata College students. She is the nurse and "mom" of Juniata College's Health and Wellness Center.