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Full-Time Support Staff Pay Schedule (Bi-weekly)

**Please note: Full-Time Support Staff receive their pay on a current basis. The timecard information pulled from Kronos will not only pull the Previous Pay Period, but also the data from the Current Pay Period up to and including the actual pay date as it stands when payroll is processed. The hours pulled from Kronos for the Previous Pay Period will only be edits that were completed after the previous payroll was processed (signed off).

Adjustments From Kronos Include Both Previous and Current Pay Period data. Wages Reflect Earnings Up to Paydate**:   Employee & Manager¬†  
Previous Period Start Date Previous Period End Date Current Period Start Date Current Period End Date Pay Date  Approval Final Deadline for Previous Pay Period: 11 AM* Special Processing
Dec-06-14 Dec-19-14 Dec-20-14 Jan-02-15 Jan-02-15 Jan-5-15 Payroll processed before break (12/18/14), add'l hrs worked/adjustments to payroll will be included in payroll paid 1/16/15.
Dec-20-14 Jan-02-15 Jan-03-15 Jan-16-15 Jan-16-15 Jan-12-15  
Jan-03-15 Jan-16-15 Jan-17-15 Jan-30-15 Jan-30-15 Jan-26-15  
Jan-17-15 Jan-30-15 Jan-31-15 Feb-13-15 Feb-13-15 Feb-09-15  
Jan-31-15 Feb-13-15 Feb-14-15 Feb-27-15 Feb-27-15 Feb-23-15  
Feb-14-15 Feb-27-15 Feb-28-15 Mar-13-15 Mar-13-15 Mar-09-15  
Feb-28-15 Mar-13-15 Mar-14-15 Mar-27-15 Mar-27-15 Mar-23-15  
Mar-14-15 Mar-27-15 Mar-28-15 Apr-10-15 Apr-10-15 Apr-06-15  
Mar-28-15 Apr-10-15 Apr-11-15 Apr-24-15 Apr-24-15 Apr-20-15  
Apr-11-15 Apr-24-15 Apr-25-15 May-08-15 May-08-15 May-04-15  
Apr-25-15 May-08-15 May-09-15 May-22-15 May-22-15 May-18-15  
May-09-15 May-22-15 May-23-15 Jun-05-15 Jun-05-15 Jun-01-15 No Benefits
May-23-15 Jun-05-15 Jun-06-15 Jun-19-15 Jun-19-15 Jun-15-15  
Jun-06-15 Jun-19-15 Jun-20-15 Jul-02-15 Jul-02-15 Jun-29-15  
Jun-20-15 Jul-03-15 Jul-04-15 Jul-17-15 Jul-17-15 Jul-13-15  
Jul-04-15 Jul-17-15 Jul-18-15 Jul-31-15 Jul-31-15 Jul-27-15  
Jul-18-15 Jul-31-15 Aug-01-15 Aug-14-15 Aug-14-15 Aug-10-15  
Aug-01-15 Aug-14-15 Aug-15-15 Aug-28-15 Aug-28-15 Aug-24-15  
Aug-15-15 Aug-28-15 Aug-29-15 Sep-11-15 Sep-11-15 Sep-08-15
at 9 am
Aug-29-15 Sep-11-15 Sep-12-15 Sep-25-15 Sep-25-15 Sep-21-15  
Sep-12-15 Sep-25-15 Sep-26-15 Oct-09-15 Oct-09-15 Oct-05-15  
Sep-26-15 Oct-09-15 Oct-10-15 Oct-23-15 Oct-23-15 Oct-19-15  
Oct-10-15 Oct-23-15 Oct-24-15 Nov-06-15 Nov-06-15 Nov-02-15  
Oct-24-15 Nov-06-15 Nov-07-15 Nov-20-15 Nov-20-15 Nov-16-15  
Nov-07-15 Nov-20-15 Nov-21-15 Dec-04-15 Dec-04-15 Nov-30-15 No Benefits
Nov-21-15 Dec-04-15 Dec-05-15 Dec-18-15 Dec-18-15 Dec-14-15  
Dec-05-15 Dec-18-15 Dec-19-15 Dec-31-15 Dec-31-15 Dec-21-15
at 9 am
Payroll processed before break (12/21/15), add'l hrs worked/adjustments to payroll will be included in payroll paid 1/15/16.