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Student Stipend Authorization Deadlines

Please note: Student authorizations will be set up for payment at the beginning of each month. If the authorization is not received by the deadlines below, the authorization will not be processed until the following month.

Paydate Signed Authorizations Due to Human Resources** Important Notes:
Dec-06-13 Nov-20-13  
Jan-03-14 Dec-06-13  
Jan-31-14 Jan-15-14  
Feb-14-14 Jan-29-14  
Mar-14-14 Feb-26-14  
Apr-11-14 Mar-26-14  
May-09-14 Apr-23-14  
Jun-06-14 May-21-14 Final Academic Yr payroll - All remaining academic year payments should be processed in this payroll.
Jun-20-14 Jun-04-14  
Jul-18-14 Jul-02-14  
Aug-15-14 Jul-30-14  
Sep-12-14 Aug-27-14 Final Summer payroll - All remaining summer payments should be processed on this payroll.
Oct-10-14 Sep-24-14  
Nov-07-14 Oct-22-14  
Dec-05-14 Nov-19-14  
Dec-19-14 Dec-03-14  
** Authorization must be complete with all signatures, but Gail Ulrich's.  This deadline is based on two weeks prior to the day payroll is processed, in order to allow time for processing the authorization.
Please keep in mind that even though HR may have received the Authorization by the deadline, if the employee has not completed their other paperwork by this date the stipend will not be processed in the appropriate payroll.