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Security Pay Schedule (Bi-weekly)


Period Start Date Period End Date Pay Date Employee & Manager Approval Final Deadline: 11 AM* Special Processing
Dec-10-14 Dec-23-14 Jan-02-15 Jan-5-15 No Benefits - Processed prior to break
Dec-24-14 Jan-06-15 Jan-16-15 Jan-12-15  
Jan-07-15 Jan-20-15 Jan-30-15 Jan-26-15  
Jan-21-15 Feb-03-15 Feb-13-15 Feb-09-15  
Feb-04-15 Feb-17-15 Feb-27-15 Feb-23-15  
Feb-18-15 Mar-03-15 Mar-13-15 Mar-09-15  
Mar-04-15 Mar-17-15 Mar-27-15 Mar-23-15  
Mar-18-15 Mar-31-15 Apr-10-15 Apr-06-15  
Apr-01-15 Apr-14-15 Apr-24-15 Apr-20-15  
Apr-15-15 Apr-28-15 May-08-15 May-04-15  
Apr-29-15 May-12-15 May-22-15 May-18-15  
May-13-15 May-26-15 Jun-05-15 Jun-01-15 No Benefits
May-27-15 Jun-09-15 Jun-19-15 Jun-15-15  
Jun-10-15 Jun-23-15 Jul-02-15 Jun-29-15  
Jun-24-15 Jul-07-15 Jul-17-15 Jul-13-15  
Jul-08-15 Jul-21-15 Jul-31-15 Jul-27-15  
Jul-22-15 Aug-04-15 Aug-14-15 Aug-10-15  
Aug-05-15 Aug-18-15 Aug-28-15 Aug-24-15  
Aug-19-15 Sep-01-15 Sep-11-15 Sep-08-15 at 9 am  
Sep-02-15 Sep-15-15 Sep-25-15 Sep-21-15  
Sep-16-15 Sep-29-15 Oct-09-15 Oct-05-15  
Sep-30-15 Oct-13-15 Oct-23-15 Oct-19-15  
Oct-14-15 Oct-27-15 Nov-06-15 Nov-02-15  
Oct-28-15 Nov-10-15 Nov-20-15 Nov-16-15  
Nov-11-15 Nov-24-15 Dec-04-15 Nov-30-15 No Benefits
Nov-25-15 Dec-08-15 Dec-18-15 Dec-14-15  
Dec-09-15 Dec-22-15 Dec-31-15 Jan-04-16 Processed prior to break