Juniata College P.E.A.C.E. CertificateThe P.E.A.C.E. dove

Participate in Educational Activities that Create Equality.

 Juniata College introduces the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate, available to all members of the Juniata community.

 Overseen by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and signed by the College President, the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate celebrates your  commitment to enhAttend any 6 of the Beyond Tolerance Series programs or other designated events in a two-year period and you will earn the Bronze Level of the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate. 

Earn the Silver Level by attending 12 programs and the Gold Level by attending 18 programs.

Enhancing diversity on the Juniata College campus and beyond.

Bronze 6
Silver 12
Gold 18

****Introducing the new Gold Certified Level ****

Is multicultural education at the center of your life and goals? Have you already earned a Gold certificate but want to keep it fresh?  You can earn a "certified" status each year after you have earned your GOLD Certificate  by attending 2 PEACE Certificate events in 1 year  and completing any of the following anctivties:

After its inaugural year, nearly 30 members of the Juniata College staff, faculty, students, and alumni earned their P.E.A.C.E. Certificate and Last year almost 70 people earned a certicficate. Will you be the next to join them?


Recipients of the P.E.A.C.E. Certificate 2015-2016

Silver Bronze
  • Mori Hitchcock
    Morgan Knepp
    Cady Kyle
    Darwin Kysor
    Olivia Hockenbroch
    Andrea Smith
    Rounida Shwaish
    Stephanie Turner
    David Witkovsky


Gold Certified

Lisa Baer
Chad Herzog
Pat Hunter
Kathy Jones
Lindsay Monihen
Rosalie Rodriguez


  • Prabhjot Carrasco
    Shya Erdman
    Christie Gibboney
    Jeannine Haizlip
    Denisse Herrera
    Connor Hunter-Kysor
    Jocelynn Jackson
    Stephanie Njeru
    Sally Oberle
    Valerie Rennell
    Carrie Rhodes
    Brenda Roll
    Dawn Scialabba
    Rounida Shwaish
    Tammy Stuber
    Elizabeth Widman
  • Jeff Andreas
    Michael Beamer
    Laura Berman
    Lauren Bowen
    Rosann Brown
    Prabhjot Carrasco
    De'Shanae Casey
    Wenli Chen
    Angela Ciccarelli
    Erica Cichetti
    Cathy Closz
    Brittni Devlin
    Kathleen Dickey
    Maria Engels
    Athena Frederick
    Ravyn Garcia
    Fiona Grugan
    Kerry Harper
    Sherry Isenberg
    Fatema Juma
    Genna Kasun
    Cindy Kitko
    Jesse Leonard
    Renee Lucas
    Christina Miller
    Jared Miller
    Ryan Navarro
    Anna Nycum
    Valerie Park
    Miranda Peruso
    Carlee Ranalli
    Emily Ritter
    Rounida Shwaish
    Brenden Sison
    Juliana Suplee
    James Troha
    Gabe Welsch
    Beth Williams
    Anne Wood
    Marissa Woodman
    Rob Yelnosky