Diversity Employment at JC

Juniata College aspires to become a leader among its peer institutions in making meaningful and lasting progress in responding to the needs of all minorities and women.  In all institutional practices, the Juniata community aims to embrace diverse individuals, fully inclusive of and valued for their race, color, sex, gender identity and/or expression, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, and uniqueness.

We hope to see our commitment reflected in an ever-diversifying employee population at Juniata College. Read on for more information about our Stewards of Diversity program, our institutional policies, and job listings.

Stewards of Diversity

Over the last twenty years Juniata College has been slowly and steadily diversifying its student population.  We have grown from 4% domestic minorities in 1992 to 12% African, Latino, Asian and Native American (ALANA) students in 2012.  We have also increased our international student population from 6% to 10%.   Juniata College has successfully changed its composition and complexion, especially with regard to the cultural and racial backgrounds of 22% of our 1600+ students.

Juniata College has grown from 4% domestic minorities in 1992 to 12% in 2012. Our international population has increased from 6% to 10%.

Unfortunately, we have not yet witnessed similar results with regard to diversity employment.  We have made some improvements, however, at a more gradual growth with:  8% for faculty, 2% for staff, and 4% for administration.  Our overall average for diversity employment is currently at 5% of 438 employees.

Some members of the Juniata community, known as Stewards, have been trained specifically to help.  At least one Steward of Diversity will sit on each selection committee that forms over the next three years, from November 2011 until May 2015.  (After that time, we will revisit the idea of the Stewards and decide whether to continue.)  Stewards are Juniata employees who have undergone training in diversity employment. There are twenty-two Stewards in all.   Stewards aim to assist members of the committee in their search, selection, and retention of qualified candidates, especially those from ALANA/international populations.

Stewards are volunteers with a shared vision, working toward a common goal.  We welcome your heartfelt insights and helpful suggestions.  We are fully aware of the many challenges we might face.  Thank you, ahead of time, for not reminding us of how difficult this might be and for, instead, forging ahead with us in our evolution.

We work toward your success.

The Stewards of Diversity have committed to answering any question you may have about life at Juniata College and in the Huntingdon, Pa. community. Applicants are welcome and encouraged to ask any of us how diversity influences our community or how our community welcomes new faculty and staff. Whatever your difference may be - whether you are a minority applicant, LGBT, using a wheelchair, or simply curious, we'll keep your questions confidential. If we can't answer you fully and honestly, we'll get you in touch with the person who can.

Meet the Stewards of Diversity:

Committee Chair: Grace Fala, Professor of Speech Communication

Athena Frederick, Registrar

"The dream of diversity is far from equity in the state of American academies and we run the risk of moving on to the next 'fad' without addressing the problem of ignorance and barriers to access. Our goal as Juniata's Stewards of Diversity is to guide and provide inclusiveness in all its excellence to achieve a modern effort which has an economic and social imperative for this country. With my active participation in this, it is my hope we can fulfill some of this in the long run for Juniata."
- Athena Frederick, Registrar


David Meadows, Director of Alumni Relations and Parent Programs

"In my nearly 20 years at Juniata as a student and administrator, I've always been proud of our community's efforts to teach and celebrate diversity. For those considering employment at Juniata, I see the Stewards of Diversity program as a proactive approach and set of resources to help them experience our commitment to diversity on their own terms."
- David Meadows, Director of Alumni Relations and Parent Programs




Cady Kyle, Assistant Director of Human Resources

"It is in celebrating the diversity in our human relationships that the richness of life can be fully experienced."
- Cady Kyle, Assistant Director of Human Resources


Kati Csoman, Assistant Dean of International Education

"Diversity at Juniata is important because it reflects the reality of the world. As Juniata strives to develop students who are engaged members of the global community, we must foster the participation of diverse perspectives."
- Kati Csoman, Assistant Dean of International Education

"Diversity adds richness and challenge to our lives and can give us a deeper and more complex understanding of the world and of ourselves. The Stewards help ensure that the college seeks to hire a diverse workforce, and they help all candidates better understand the community interested in welcoming them."
- Deb Roney, Assistant Professor of English and Director of Language in Motion


"The advocacy of a diverse environment is integral to the accomplishment of the mission at Juniata. We appreciate that the differences among us serve as the embroidery on the fabric of our community and we celebrate those differences."
- Gail Ulrich, Director of Human Resources


"To me, a diverse campus is a vibrant campus. A place where people can share, learn, live and grow with each other. Juniata remains committed to cultivating and enriching our community through embracing diversity."
- Cindy Gibboney, Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Retention

Stewards of Diversity 2014-2015

Committee Chair: Grace Fala, Professor of Speech Communication

Athena Frederick Beth Beil Brett Basom Cady Kyle
Caroline Gillich Celia Cook-Huffman Chad Herzog Christina Miller
Cindy Gibboney Cynthia deVries Dan Welliver Dave Witkovsky
David Meadows Deb Roney Donna Weimer Fiona Grugan
Gail Ulrich Genna Kasun Greg Curley Jim Borgardt
Jim Troha Kathleen Jones Kathryn Westcott Kati Csoman
Katron Broomfield Lauren Bowen Maria Engels Matt Powell
Michael Beamer Michelle Bartol Neal Utterback Paul Schettler
Rob Yelnosky Rosalie Rodriquez Ryan Navarro Stephanie Turner
Susan Prill Valerie Park    


Institutional Policies

We hope that Juniata College serves as a place that fosters and strengthens diversity. This is why the College offers policies that honor that commitment. View below the institutional policies regarding diversity employment:

Affirmative Action Policy

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines

Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commitment

Sexual Harassment Policy


Job Listings

Creatively, ethically, and intrinsically committed to community-based, whole-person education, Juniata College seeks applications from diverse candidates who support diversity. That is why we hope you apply today. See a listing of job openings available at Juniata College.