Plexus Fellowship Program

(Plexus Fellowship with President Dr. Troha)

What is Plexus?

The word “plexus” is taken from the Latin plectere, which means to weave or braid and is literally a network of interwoven parts. This name was chosen not only to be symbolic of the physical support network that is comprised of peer mentors, faculty and staff members with whom our mentees will interact but also the holistic approach we have taken in caring for students’ well-being. At Juniata, Plexus is the umbrella that overarches the Plexus Inbound group, the Plexus RSO (registered student organization), and the Plexus Fellowship Program.

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What is the Plexus Fellowship Program?

The Plexus Fellowship Program is a peer to peer mentoring program run through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Students are matched with an upperclass peer mentor and attend team building and educational sessions for their first year on campus. These sessions, led by the program coordinator and other college professionals, focus on the following areas: Academic Readiness, Career Exploration, Civic Engagement, Financial Management, Leadership Development, Service Learning and Wellness.

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Who is the Plexus Fellowship for?

The Plexus Fellowship is for first-year students invited by recommendation of an enrollment counselor. Initial criteria for participation in the fellowship program include being a Pell Grant eligible and/or a first generation student. Highest consideration among this group will be given to ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, Native American) students, students from large urban areas, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students, religious minorities and students with disabilities.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors have been selected through an application and recommendation process and are paid through federal work study. They participate in trainings to focus on their role in developing a relationship with the mentee, the art of appreciative inquiry, mindful empathy, and active constructive responding. They will also learn basic first aid along with becoming knowledgeable about local and campus resources.

Interested in apply to be a mentor?

Please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Office for more information about applying!

What is the goal of the Plexus Fellowship Program?

Short-term outcomes include a strong mentoring relationship which will allow students to navigate the often confusing and intimidating world of college life. This relationship will grant students greater knowledge of and access to resources available on campus that will help them realize their full potential. Furthermore, we feel these efforts will enhance retention and graduation rates for student success.

How to apply to the program?

If interested in applying, please speak with your enrollment counselor.

Contact Us:

To learn more information, please contact the Plexus Program Coordinator:

Lindsay Monihen
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Office: (814) 641-3363

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