Diversity Committees

Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) - Chair  Dr. Grace Fala (Fala@juniata.edu)

Bias Response Team (BRT)- Chair Rev. David Witkovsky (witkovl@juniata.edu)

Intergroup Dialogue - Chair Athena Frederiick (Fredera@juniata.edu)

Stewards of Diversity - Chair, Dr. Grace Fala (fala@juniata.edu)


Council on Diversity & Inclusion 2015-16:

CODI is a 12-person team dedicated to helping the Office of Diversity and Inclusion with planning and campus-wide administrative and student initiatives.  

Chair - Dr. Grace Fala, Professor of Communication

Wenli Chen, Server Administrator

Kati Csoman, Dean of International Programs

Katie Padamonsky Dickey, Assistant Director of Alumni  Relations

Dr. Cynthia Merriwether DeVries, Professor of Sociology

Molly Thompson, Muticultural Recruitment Coordinator

Celine Walker, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Rev. David Witkovsky, Campus Chaplain

Skukura Woods, Plexus Program Coordinator

Rob Yelnosky, Vice President of Finanance & Operations

You can find a copy of meeting minutes on our P:// drive under the Diversity Committee subfolder.


Intergroup Dialogue

A  team more than 20 faculty, staff, and students trained to help facilitate open conversation on topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Chair - Athena Frederick, Registrar

Alexis, Alesha E (ALEXIAE14), Student

Amad, Ramsey (AMADRX12) , student

Beamer, Michael (beamerm) , Director, Intensive English Program

Campbell, Ellen (campbee), Interim Assistant Dean of Students

Cook-Huffman, Celia (COOKHU) , Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Hunter, Patricia S (hunterp) , Counselor

Hunter-Kysor, Connor L (HUNTECL12) , Student

Kasun, Genna (kasung) , Assistant Director of Advancement and Communication

Radis, Susan T (RADIS), Proefssor of Sociology

Siglin, Amanda (siglina), Director of Health Professions

Welliver, Daniel M (WELLIVER), Associate Professor of Sociology

Welsch, Gabriel (welschg) <welschg@juniata.edu>, Vice- President of Advancement & Marketing

Widman, Liz (widmane) <widmane@juniata.edu>, Office Assistant, Center for International Education

Woods, Skukura (woodss) <woodss@juniata.edu>, Plexus Program Coordinator