Other Office of Diversity Events


“Hate Groups”

Hate Groups

Presented by

Dan Welliver

Asst. Prof. of Sociology, Juniata College

Wednesday, October 11th

7:00PM Sill Board Room, vonLiebig Science Center

A look into the working of organized hate groups throughout the country, the messages they send, and the people they attract.


Native Spirituality

Medicine Wheel

Presented by


Thursday November 2nd, 7:00pm

Sill Board Room, vonLiebig Science Center

In recognition of Native American History Month we proudly present a focus on Native American Beliefs and culture hosted by ClearBear, a J.C. PAR student, a practicing Medicine Woman who has been on the 'Medicine Path' for over 20 years. This program will be an experiential workshop that will focus its teachings around "balancing lives through use of the Medicine Wheel". There will also be a discussion on the connections between North & South American Native Peoples, their traditions and cultures.


Creating Sustainable Development in


Lecture By

Heather Dean

Thursday November 9th 7:00PM

Neff Lecture Hall, vonLiebig Science Center

Former Human Rights accompanier and social justice advocate, Heather Dean has been working with the Mayan people of Copal AA, Guatemala, since they sought refuge in Mexico 10 years ago. She will give a talk on the struggle of the Mayan people in Guatemala as well as the advancements and set backs they experience today.


MLK Commemoration Keynote:
Tim Wise

Tim Wise

Author of

"White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son"

Moonday January 15th, 2007

4:00PM Rosenberger Auditorium
Sponsored by the Office of the Provost

This book is available in the
Juniata College Bookstore

In commeration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr we present world renowned Civil Right author Tim Wise discussing his master work and the current condition of race and privledge in America today.

Lois Moses

Lois Moses

Nationally Renowned Slam Poet

Wednesday February 7th, 2007

Cyber Connections 8:00PM
Coffee & Refreshments provided

In honor of Black History Month we bring you nationally renowned Slam poet and recording artist lois Moses. Ms. Moses will be performing pieces from her spoken word albums and will focus on the history of Black- Americans in the united states from slavery to the present day.