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Meal Plan Selection

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Description Price
Field Station (BRFS)
Exclusive to Field Station students only
Plan 1
19 meals per week + $50. DCB. One meal per meal period.
This plan for students who wants a guarantee of all meals. This is one of the required plans for first year students.
Plan 1A
16 meals per week with $125 DCB.
Our newest meal plan for those who eat most meals on campus and want more DCB. This is one of the required plans for first year students.
Plan 2
185 meals per semester with $200 DCB.
Plan most selected by returning students.
Plan 3
120 meals per semester with $300 DCB
For the student who eats at least half of their meals on campus.
Plan 4
60 meals per semester with $100 DCB
Designed for off-campus students so they have the ability to eat with friends, catch a meal after practice, visit Jitters or Eagles Landing, and the like. Includes 3 guest meals.
Plan 5
20 meals per semester and $100 DCB
For students who live in campus owned houses and apartments or off-campus. Great for occasional meals on campus or special occasions like Lobersterfest and Springfest!
no meal plan
Choose this option if you DO NOT want a meal plan.
You must be a commuter, living in non-college housing or one of the college owned houses/apartments.