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First Year Students

Juniata provides a high-quality educational experience that gives students the ability to think independently, evolve individually and act globally.

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    Get Involved

    When you were going through and beginning your college search you had to make many difficult decisions. What did you hope to get out of your college experience?  Why attend a small liberal arts college over a large university?  Now that you have moved into your room and classes are beginning, you are faced with more choices and many opportunities.  As you try to uncover how to get the most out of your time while you are here, and those things that are meaningful for you, the best way to accomplish these things is to get involved!  It is the people around you and the memories you will create that can make your time studying here a success, and will follow you for years after graduation.    

    Getting involved is a great way to get to know more about your school, and learn things that are never covered in class discussions.  This page is designed to provide you with a starting point to uncover some of the opportunities that are available outside of the classroom and in the surrounding community.   

    How can I get involved on campus?  Here are some things to consider…

     · Check out the schedule of upcoming events and see what is happening this week.

     · Go visit the Office of Student Activities, or OSA as it is sometimes called, and sign up for a club or an organization.  OSA is the place that organizes, at least in part, the Juniata Activities Board, Student Government, and programs and events like Lobsterfest, Madrigal, Mountain Day, Coffeehouse performances, and countless other programs every week.

     · Get involved in an athletic team, whether you participate on a varsity program or play on an intramural team with your roommate.  Or just get together with some friends from down the hall and support our Juniata teams as they compete against other schools in the Landmark Conference.

     · Go downstairs in Ellis Hall and stop in the Community Service Office to learn about different opportunities available to get involved in the local community and give something back to the place that you will come to call home for the next few years.

     · Become involved in the Arts.  Act in a play, create a work of art, sing with the choir, or maybe perform a recital to a live audience.  But you certainly don’t have to perform to get involved.  Meet up with some friends and go see an exhibit or performance

     · Explore your spiritual life.  There is a great respect within the Juniata community for the exploration of diverse ideas and for students to express their faith through the pursuit of opportunities that help them to grow spiritually.  Visit the Office of Campus Ministry and Office of Diversity and Inclusion to learn about upcoming activities or get involved in one of the spiritual or religions organizations.  

     · Don’t forget to explore those traditions and special events that come up throughout the year that make Juniata College a pretty unique place to study. 

    What about spending time away from campus?

     · Here is a guide to help you with making your travel plans away from campus.

    · Perhaps the best way to learn about the town of Huntingdon and the area around campus is to check out some recommendations from former and current students.  This is a helpful guide that one student wrote to help you find your way around and explore the surrounding area. In addition, don't forget to check out these other things to do off-campus and in the surrounding area!