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First Year Students

Juniata provides a high-quality educational experience that gives students the ability to think independently, evolve individually and act globally.

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    Get Help

    Where can I go for help?  When you arrive to campus it is important to know that you are not expected to have all the answers.  That is why you are here.   There is a lot of support available on campus, and it is valuable to understand where you can go to access some of these helpful resources.  The most successful piece of advice that new students say they were given as they began their time studying at Juniata is to not be hesitant to ask for help and guidance.  We encourage you to ask questions.  Hopefully, here we can address some of the initial questions you may have and point you in the right direction to where you can always look for support, not just throughout your first year.

    Here are some places around campus where you can get some academic help…

     · The Office of Academic Support Services – This is a great first stop for everything          
    academic affairs

     · The Office of The Registrar – The place for getting accurate academic information and  
    academic policies, as well as for scheduling and academic records

     · The Writing Center – A place to get support from other students for any writing   
    assignment that you may have due for a class

    · The Library – Take a stop in here for materials or to begin your research

     · Campus Technology Services – Having trouble with your computer or accessing the campus network? Ask the CTS staff in real time or check the TLT's online knowledge base!

     · Print Publications – Our very own print shop, right on campus


    What if you are looking for some help outside of class?

     · The Dean of Students Office – A great place to look for support regarding all aspects       
    of student life  

     · Office of Residential Life and Public Safety – Everything that you need to know about getting settled at Juniata and public safety

     · Health and Wellness Center – Provides many preventative and intervention services 
    to promote the optimal health and wellness of our whole community

     · Unity House – Here you can find the Campus Ministry Office and the Office of  
    Diversity and Inclusion

     · Career and Community Service Office – Learn more about your career development
    and opportunities to lean through service

     · Financial Planning – Interested in working on campus or have a question about financial