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Help with College-Owned Computers

The Technology Solutions Center help desk will assist students and employees with the use of campus owned equipment and network related issues. Although we may be able to help with hardware/software issues on your personal machine, please realize that it is preferred that you contact the vendor or a local computer repair store for such issues. If you have questions on how to use one of the software packages provided on a campus machine, please feel free to stop by the Solutions Center to ask for help or (for employees) submit a work order to request one-on-one training in your office.

When contacting the help desk, please understand that there are generally a significant number of issues in the queue to be responded to. Your issue will be responded to as quickly as possible, with highest priority given to class/event related issues and problems that prohibit an employee from performing their responsibilities.

If you have technology related questions, please contact the 'HELP' desk at ext. 3619 or

Help with Your Personal Computer

Since the Solutions Center staff can not always help with issues you may experience with your personally owned laptop, we recommend contacting one of these local vendors for support.