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Available Software

Using College Owned Software

Juniata provides access to many of the specialized programs used on campus through an applications server. By making a connection to this 'appserver,' students are able to take advantage of this software, not just in a campus lab, but from their personal machine also. Please click here for instructions on how to connect to the appserver.

Software available on Appserver includes:

Additionally, some software may be available for install on your personal computer while you are enrolled at Juniata. Currently, the following programs are available:

Purchasing Software for Your Computer

Software to accompany your computer can be purchased at discounted prices by visiting and selecting Juniata College from the drop down menu.

Verification that you are a student is required, and incoming freshmen can use any communication from Juniata that includes school name, student's name, and year of acceptance in lieu of a college ID when prompted to prove Juniata College student status.

Additional deals from Microsoft can be found at

Anti-Virus Software

Juniata students are required to run an up-to-date anti-virus program on their computers to be able to access the College's network. Please click on link above for more information on available anti-virus programs.

If you have technology related questions, please contact the 'HELP' desk at ext. 3619 or