One Button Studio

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Record Professional-Quality Video
with the Press of One Button!

"Whether you're practicing a presentation for class, recording a physics experiment, rehearsing a monologue, doing a mock interview, or creating an online learning module, you'll find the One Button Studio fun and easy to use!"

It's Easy!

Insert your drive into the dock.

Press the button to start & stop recording.

Remove your drive when you're finished.

Come to the TSC for editing assistance.

Stop by the TSC to make a reservation!

"Career services can use it to do mock interviews, med students can do mock med school interviews, and the education students can learn how to create an online learning module. The OBS will pull in students from all disciplines very quickly."

Located in BAC A103

Next to A100

Videos Produced Using the One Button Studio

"Last time I did a project on digital storytelling I had a really hard time figuring out how to record. It takes a lot of time, too. It's definitely more convenient to have better control in my recording, that could help a lot."

- Student, Juniata College