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Instructional Technology

Effectively using technology to strengthen the teaching-learning process is a high priority at Juniata. A Gigabit and fiber based network backbone provides connectivity in residence halls, classrooms, laboratories and offices. All students are automatically given accounts to access the network, print and e-mail servers, and the UNIX web servers. These accounts provide e-mail, Internet access, access to the Juniata on-line library catalogs, and web-based searches for all students and faculty. In addition, the college provides wireless access in all academic buildings and residence halls. Currently, several major public computing areas provide students access to Windows and Mac OSX, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, statistics and database software in addition to e-mail and Internet access. All classrooms are fitted with computer projection equipment (or large screen LCD), laptop hook-ups, and sound systems. All students are required to have access to a laptop. The college portal, 'the Arch', provides students with quick and easy access to online college services such as grades, course registration, event scheduling, campus calendars and job listings.

A description of individual facilities follows:

Brumbaugh Academic Center - including Dale Hall

Geographic Information Systems Lab (B201) is a classroom/laboratory equipped with 18 windows based machines and software focused on teaching and research using GIS tools. While this lab is primarily used for GIS, the equipment is available for general student use outside of normal class hours.

Networking and Telecommunications Lab (C102) - This room is primarily used as an Information Technology and Computer Science classroom, but is available to all disciplines for daytime academic activities. This classroom has 24 windows-based workstations with flat panel monitors, including an instructor's podium and SmartBoard. The true benefit from this room stems from the fact that there is a complete, private, internal network that is separate from Juniata 's network (EagleNet). This network allows students to experiment with building their own servers, client workstations, and private subnetworks. There are dedicated machines, network equipment, simulated T1, and an internal wiring system to accommodate this private lab. This lab is not considered to be a public lab, but has been used to support Computer Science research projects, such as simulating a firewall and traffic-shaping design.

The Technology Solutions Center (C107) provides faculty, staff and students the latest hardware, software and training to maximize instructional and daily use of information technology. Juniata recognizes the importance of technology in today's society and brings that technology into the classroom and across campus through the Solutions Center . Software supported at the Center includes most of the newest media production software as well as standard office applications. With digital video editing software, digital video cameras available for student and faculty use, and staff to support projects, the Technology Solutions Center is the hub of digital video production for classroom projects. The Solutions Center is always investigating new technologies (hardware and software). The Center iMAC workstations that can boot to either Windows or Mac OS X and 15 laptops for faculty, staff and student checkout.

In addition to the technology housed in the Solutions Center, it is also home to much of the computer support and training on campus. The Help Desk provides support to campus employees and classroom technology. The Solutions Center is responsible for the planning, deployment and maintenance of all classroom technology across campus. In addition, Sound systems and other media for special events are maintained and coordinated through Solutions Center.

Art and Theatre Studies Lab (P107) provides faculty, staff and students the latest hardware, software for theatre and arts production.  This lab houses 20 brand new state of the art iMacs with a full compliment of software and high-end color printing. 

On Demand Education Resource and Collaboration Center (C229) is an area set aside for students specifically in the Innovations for Industry course sequence to gather in their respective teams to work on their client projects. Dedicated hardware, software and media presentation equipment is housed in this center specifically for the I4I course.

Physics Labs (P200 and P201) - Classrooms/laboratories equipped with 8 windows based machines and software focused on teaching and research in Physics. These labs are used almost exclusively by Physics students but are available to all students outside of scheduled class times..

Good Hall

Video Conference Room (G201) - This room is equipped with LifeSize video conferencing equipment to facilitate distance education and online meetings.

Psychology Lab (G107) This classroom/laboratory houses 11 Windows based computers focused on teaching and research in Psychology. This room is dedicated to the Psychology students and faculty based on the nature of their research.

Beeghly Library

The library has a laptop checkout program that enables students to sign out one of 15 wireless laptops for use anywhere within the library. There are also numerous ports in the library for wired connection to the network.

Within the Reference Area are 30 computers used primarily by students and faculty for research using the library's online resources of over 100 databases and 10,000 periodicals, and access to over 200,000 e-books. The Library has six collaborative tables with large screens for group work with laptops, and two high speed printers.

The Writing Center/Library Instruction Room in the basement of Beeghly Library is a multi-purpose facility. During the day it serves as a classroom for teaching library research techniques and resources, in the evening it serves as a writing center for peer tutoring in writing skills. The room offers the capability for hands on teaching especially of library technology skills, with MAC workstations, video presentation equipment, and several white boards. At the same time, in the evening it can provide a quiet and private place for students to go in order to receive personal help with their writing assignments. When the room is not in use for classes or tutoring, it is available as open computer lab space for the campus.

Ellis Hall

The Ellis Hall (1969 upgrades 2008) is noted for its imposing entrance columns, and honors Juniata’s sixth and seventh presidents, Charles C. and Calvert N. Ellis. A focal point of student life, Ellis houses the Career Services Office, Public Safety Office, Information Desk, Office of Conferences and Events, Office of Student Activities, the bookstore, post office, broadcasting center for WKVR radio, and offices for Student Government, Juniata Activities Board (JAB), The Juniatian, Laughing Bush, and other student organizations. In addition, the dining hall (the 680-seat Baker Refectory (renovated 2013), Eagles Landing (renovated 2008), a ballroom, student lounge areas, and conference rooms are here.

von Liebig Center for Science

Public Lab (vLCS 2073) -This classroom/laboratory is located in the von Liebig Center for Science. It contains 18 windows-based computers, SmartBoard, and a projector. This room is primarily used for science classes, but when not in use, it acts as a public lab for all students and faculty. This room is equipped with many science oriented programs, including ChemOffice, HyperChem, ISIS Draw, and many more.

Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts

Performing Arts Management Studio - This studio is located on the garden level of the Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts and includes three high-end iMacs, a 5 terabyte multimedia server, Wacom Tablets, scanners, digital video and photo cameras, color archival printer, color digital printing press, 45" LCD screen television, and surround sound. The room is equipped with industry standard design and video editing software, database creation and management software, and much more.

In addition to the Performing Arts Management Studio, the Halbritter Center has a sound editing studio and a state of the art lighting design suite.

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