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The Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL)

The Juniata College Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (JCEL) was developed to integrate entrepreneurial principles and actions into all academic disciplines; touching students and faculty alike. It promotes the “creation of value” in an economic or social sense. JCEL provides experiential learning opportunities to students by providing the tools and resources to act on their product or service idea and create businesses. 

These tools and resources include technical assistance, mentoring, seed capital and space.  Technical assistance & mentoring is provided by faculty, staff and volunteer mentors helping students move through the business planning process to ensure their plan has a reasonable chance to succeed.  JCEL has a Student Seed Capital Fund able to loan or invest up to $ 15,000 in a student business. 

The space we provide is located in the Bob & Eileen Sill Business Incubator (SBI).  SBI has 10,000 square feet of wet lab, professional office and light assembly space for undergraduate entrepreneurs, faculty members and community members. Our Next Step Fellowship Program can provide monetary support to a student who has a business idea they would like to develop. We can pay a student $ 7.25 per hour, in a work study fashion, to research & expound upon their idea. The goal of which is for the student to have developed a full business plan and present it to the JCEL Board for financial support. 

JCEL also offers internships to students from many disciplines/POEs including (but not limited to) entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, management, communications and information technology. Many students have benefitted from our large network of contacts and real world tasks & interactions.

 In essence, JCEL offers many tools & resources to help students become successful here at Juniata.  Full program details can be found at

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