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Scholarships and Grant

Scholarships and grants are commonly termed "gift" assistance and need not be repaid (unless so stipulated as a condition of the award).


Grants are usually provided to meet a student's financial need as established through the submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please review the section titled, "APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID" for further information.


Scholarships are generally awarded in recognition of academic achievement, talent, or some other characteristic. Financial need may not necessarily be a selection requirement.

Competitive Scholarship programs:

Juniata offers an array of competitive scholarships that recognize the outstanding achievements of incoming students without regard to financial need.  Academic Scholarships at Juniata reward students who do well academically, but also contribute to their school and community by getting involved.  For most scholarships at Juniata, all you have to do is apply for admission to be considered!

The list of possible academic scholarships is listed below:

Other academic scholarships that are not awarded every year include the W. Clay and Kathryn H. Burkholder Scholarship, Ronald L. Cherry Scholarship, Richard M. Simpson Scholarship and Larry Johnson Scholarship.

Juniata College also offers Heritage and Ray Day Scholarships to students who show commitment to academic excellence, leadership and community service that culminate in a level of understanding among diverse groups.


"External" Scholarships

Many students receive scholarships that are awarded by agencies other than Juniata (Lion's Club, PTA, Rotary, etc.).  Students are encouraged to explore these opportunities that often reduce the family's cost of education.


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