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Payment of Bills

The general fee is due and payable prior to the beginning of each semester. Fall and spring semester bills are due on August 10 and January 4, respectively. Financial settlement is required for all outstanding obligations. Students may be denied registration, room occupancy, and participation in extra-curricular activities without the necessary arrangements. Payment after the due date is subject to the late payment fee. Also, students cannot be granted honorable dismissal, end-of-term reports, transcripts of grades and credits, or diplomas until all College bills have been paid in full.

Monthly Payment Option: Students who wish to pay College bills on a monthly basis may use Tuition Management Systems. The interest-free, monthly payment option enables families to spread all or part of the annual expenses over equal, monthly payments. A small annual fee is charged. Low-interest monthly payment options, including an unsecured loan, a home equity credit line, and federally-backed loans, are also available. Students can contact Tuition Management Systems at 1-800-356-8329 or online at for more information on these programs. Also, the Office of Student Financial Planning can inform students of alternative financing strategies.

Credit Card/ACH:  Students who wish to pay College bills by either credit card or direct ACH Deposits from a bank account may do so by contacting CashNet through the Arch or have the student grant you access to the online payment website.  Any fees associated with these types of transactions are passed onto the student.

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