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Occasional Academic Fees

Auditing: The fee for auditing is $810 per course, and is waived for students in good standing who are regularly enrolled in a full-time College program.

Overload: Students registering for more than 18 hours per semester are charged $500 for the 19th credit hour and $1280.00 for any credit up to 21. Courses extending over more than one semester are prorated.  If the student withdraws from a course(s) following the drop/add period, this charge must still be paid.

Special Course Charges: Some courses have laboratory, studio, or special field experiences as significant parts of the course. A special fee of normally $30 is assessed for these courses, with the exception of Biology and Chemistry.  The fee for those courses is $75.  Other departments with courses which require a special course fee include: art, education, geology, music and physics. Some general education courses also require this fee.  Students registering for off-campus student teaching must pay a $50 fee.

Private Instruction in Music: Regularly enrolled students who wish to take private music lessons for academic credit will be charged $800 for a two-credit, one hour per week lesson, or $400 for a one-credit, thirty-minute per week lesson.

Private Instruction in Ceramics: Regularly enrolled students who wish to take ceramics lessons for academic credit may do so as part of their normal academic program. If lessons constitute an overload, the normal overload charge applies.  Students who do not desire academic credit, or persons not regularly enrolled at the College, may take lessons for $1000 per semester (one lesson per week).

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