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Late Fees

Late Payment: Any student who fails to pay his or her tuition, room, and board bill (or make proper arrangements with the Bursars Office) by the due date on the bill is charged a fee of 1.5% per month on past due balances.

Late Endorsement of Co-payee Checks: The College receives checks for tuition, room, and board made out to both the College and the student. The College may not use these funds until the check is endorsed by both the College and the student. The College will notify the student when such a check is received. Failure to endorse the check in a timely manner (generally within one week of notice date) will result in a charge of $5 for each subsequent week or part of a week.

Through an agreement with AES and other lender/guarantee agencies and the College, direct deposit of loan proceeds into the College’s bank account is permitted. Students should authorize this method of disbursement by checking the appropriate box on their loan application or signing an authorization form available in Accounting Services.

Registration Late Fee: Any student who fails to register or submit a (POE) Program of Emphasis plan by the published deadline, may be assessed a late fee of $50 for each incident.

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