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Eligibility for Financial Aid

Students must meet the following conditions to be considered eligible for most aid programs.

Enrollment Status

Normally students must be enrolled in a degree or certification program to be considered eligible for most College aid. (Exception: Half-Tuition Programs)

Semester Course Load

Most institutional aid requires the student enroll for twelve or more credits per semester.  Students who enroll for half-time (six or more) credits may receive federal and state resources.



Many aid programs require that recipients be citizens, permanent residents, or certain stipulated refugee statuses.  Exceptions include several institutional aid programs and student employment.

Off-Campus/ Study Away

Generally, students who participate in College affiliated programs (including internships, student teaching, and study abroad) are fully eligible for most forms of assistance.  Participating students apply for aid in the usual manner. 

Maximum Value for Institutional Scholarships, Grants, and Benefits

It is College policy that any combination of institutional aid cannot exceed the value of tuition, except in several unique scholarship categories.

Juniata's Conditional Guarantee

A student's commitment to attend Juniata is matched by a corresponding commitment from the College.  The Conditional Guarantee assures you that College-sponsored aid will remain unchanged for the student's four year of attendance.*  Because of this you can plan and budget for each year with the expectation that College aid will not be reduced. 

The following conditions must be met to maintain the provisions of the Conditional Guarantee:

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