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Living Options

Juniata’s residence halls are smoke-free living environments.

Eco House: The everGREEN Eco House encourages students to develop and promote a sustainable and 'green' lifestyle. Living in this coed house provides an opportunity to live and work with other students who are committed to the campus community's goal of becoming more sustainable.

Global Village: the Global Village is a distinct globally-themed living and learning community designed to provide opportunities for intensive, in-depth cultural interaction and community development. The GV combines language and cultures in a living/learning experience. Residents come home to speak and hear the language of their themed housing. The GV welcomes native speakers; non-native students who have lived, traveled extensively, or studied abroad; and students enrolled in language courses. We currently have Spanish, German, French and Chinese housing along with the Intercultural floor in Terrace Hall.

Co-ed: South Hall is available for upper-class students who choose to live in a community in which men and women live on the same floor. These are gender specific by room.

Female only: Lesher Hall an all-female resident hall. Available to upperclass and freshmen students.

Suites: East Houses apartment style living, housing 8 students. There are 4 bedrooms, a common room and bathroom. Each room is air conditioned.


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