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Inbound Retreats

Inbound Retreats help first-year Juniata students become aware of and engaged in our academic and co-curricular community. New students arrive on campus early and participate in retreat options designed to provide a smooth transition into college.

Each retreat is led by two Peer Leaders who are upper-class Juniata College students and one faculty/staff advisor.


Inbound Retreats is a social, transitional program for first-year students. Upon completion of the Inbound program through small and large group activities, students will:
• Establish new social relationships;
• Become acclimated to the campus and surrounding community;
• Experience less anxiety about starting college;
• Become acclimated to collegiate living;
• Learn ways in which to become engaged and involved on campus;
• Become more confident with oneself;
• Gain knowledge about collegiate interests; and
• Meet faculty, staff and/or community members which serve as additional resources to students.

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