Catalog 2014-16

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Residence Hall Staff

Juniata seeks to provide the best possible living experience in the residence halls. This begins with qualified, caring, and well-trained staff. Staff members in each building are carefully selected, and trained, and are willing to help students have a successful campus living experience. One of the first people students meet on check-in day is the Resident Assistant, better known as the RA. Resident Assistants are assigned to each residence hall floor to help with the adjustment to community life and are instrumental in planning activities to help students become acquainted with their living environment. In addition, RAs are available throughout the year to assist with academic, personal, and community living concerns. Resident Assistants are specially trained upper-class students who are able to answer many questions about Juniata and the residence halls. Resident Assistants report to live-in Residence Directors, known as RDs. Residence Directors are professional staff members who manage each residence hall. They supervise the hall staff, coordinate programs and activities, and work with the student judicial process. Residence Directors can answer many questions about policies and procedures and the campus in general.

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