Catalog 2014-16

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Firearms and related items

Illegal and/or dangerous weapons, including but not limited to BB / pellet guns, sling shots, and pneumatic weapons that resemble a real firearm, are not permitted on campus.

Violators will be subject to disciplinary action and arrested if appropriate. Legal and approved firearms used for skeet/trap or hunting, ammunition , archery equipment, knives and other edged - weapons with blades exceeding three inches, and/or devices that can be considered a danger to the campus community must be registered and stored in the Public Safety Office.

With proper identification, students may sign-out their registered items by contacting the Public Safety Office. Please Note: All firearms being transported to or from campus must be secured and placed within an approved firearms carrying case.

Registered firearms and/or dangerous weapons are not permitted in administrative/ academic buildings or college residence halls. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in expulsion from the college and/ or arrest.

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