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Academic Standards of Progress

The maintenance of good academic standing requires students to meet several standards.

Any student whose semester or cumulative grade point average at any time falls below 1.00 may be academically dismissed. Any student whose semester grade point average falls below 1.66 at any time will be placed automatically on academic probation. In addition, any student whose cumulative average falls below those in the following table will be placed on academic probation. In addition to meeting the grade point average requirements, students must show appropriate progress toward degree completion. Full-time students must successfully complete 24 academic credits prior to the beginning of the third semester; 48 academic credits prior to the beginning of the fifth semester; and 72 academic credits prior to the beginning of the seventh semester. Any student failing to meet these standards is placed on Academic Probation and is required to complete 12 credits in the subsequent semester. Failure to complete 12 credits (in the subsequent semester) results in suspension or dismissal. A second failure to meet these standards of progress will result in suspension or dismissal. Students have the right to appeal suspension and dismissal.

Credit Hours Attempted Grade Point Average

Students on Academic Probation will be evaluated at mid-term to determine adherence to Academic Probation contracts. Students failing to meet requirements of Academic Probation contracts may be suspended or dismissed at mid-semester. Students have the right to appeal suspension and dismissal. Students on probation must achieve good standing in the next semester or face suspension or dismissal. In addition, any student who accumulates three semesters of probation will be suspended or dismissed. Also, any student on academic probation will be counseled regarding possible limitation or curtailment of his or her participation in co-curricular and/or employment activities. Students who have not satisfactorily completed the College Writing Seminar course by the end of the sophomore year are automatically dismissed. Academic Standards of Progress are established by the faculty and monitored by the Student Academic Development Committee in conjunction with the Registrar.

The implementation of probationary requirements and the determination of the fulfillment of graduation requirements are duties of the Registrar. Notification of any actions comes from that office and are sent to a student's parents unless the student signs a form preventing such notification. Development and interpretation of policies are the function of the Student Academic Development Committee.

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