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Overload Policy

In special cases, an upper-class student may register for an overload. An overload charge is made for all credit hours attempted above 18 per academic semester. The upper-class student who wishes to take more than 19 hours of credit must have an outstanding academic record, including satisfactory completion of all courses attempted and must obtain by petition the consent of the Student Academic Development Committee. No student may take more than 21 credit hours per semester.

Excluding advanced placement credit, freshmen normally are not permitted to receive credit for more than 34 credit hours that academic year. A freshman may take more than 18 semester hours of credit only during the second semester and must fulfill two special requirements: (a) satisfactory completion of all first semester courses attempted, and (b) approval by advisors and/or other appropriate faculty as determined by the Registrar.

If a student registers for an overload and then withdraws from the College, a refund will be made according to the refund policy explained under Student Finances. No refunds are given for course withdrawal from an overload after the drop/add period. Some courses extend over more than one term. All courses must be completed, however, within one academic year, not including the summer. All special arrangements for programs must be made in the Registrar's Office.

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