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Grades are due 48 hours after the last exam or meeting time and are awarded according to the following scale.

A - indicates work of the highest excellence, showing a superior grasp of content as well as independent and creative thinking in the subject.

B - signifies unusual achievement wherein the student reveals exceptional insight and ability.

C - is given for satisfactory achievement on the college level where the work in the course has been conscientious and shows no considerable deficiency in either quality or quantity.

D - indicates that the work in the course is below the quality normally expected for college work, but is only marginally so.

F - signifies work which is distinctly unsatisfactory at the college level.

The above grades may be qualified by the use of a plus(+) or a minus(-). For the permanent record, a grade point average (GPA) is compiled and the GPA appears on the transcript. The following equivalents should be used for calculating the GPA:

S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). Performance in a few courses is graded as S or U , but in the majority of courses, the grades listed above are given. Only grades of A(-), B(+,-), C(+,-), D(+,-), and S are given credit toward a degree.

AU (Audits). Performace in audit classes are given a grade of AU. This is given regardless of the students' participation. Audits can not be changed after the drop/add period and it is up to the faculty to determine at what level a student should participate in their class. There is no withdrawal from audit coursework, if a student stops attending, they will still receive an auditing with no grade or credit.

In addition to the regular grade designations, the following irregular grades are used as occasion may demand:

I (incomplete). At the discretion of the faculty member involved, a grade of incomplete may be submitted. This option is to be used sparingly, however, and only when the student has given a satisfactory explanation (such as extended illness or accident) for failure to complete a required piece of work. Otherwise, a student receives an F for a course which is not completed. Simple preference on the part of the student for an extension of time is not regarded as sufficient cause for granting an incomplete. Upon the granting of an incomplete, the student must complete the work within three weeks of the beginning of the next semester of the academic year or an F automatically will be recorded. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by both the instructor and the Registrar.

WF or WP (withdrawal). A student may withdraw from a course after the Drop/Add period only with the written approval from the course instructor and the student's faculty advisor. A grade of WP or WF will be recorded for any courses that a student withdraws from following the Drop/Add period. A grade of WP will be recorded if the student was passing the course at the time of the withdrawal, while a WF will be recorded if the student was failing the course. WP and WF grades are not calculated into the student's cumulative GPA. Course withdrawals will only be approved, absent extraordinary circumstances, until the scheduled mid-point of the term. For withdrawal after the mid-term date, please consult the course syllabus of the class instructor. The official Mid-Term Date is posted on the Academic Calendar.

Unofficial withdrawals from courses will be recorded as F and will be calculated into the student's cumulative GPA. Withdrawals from class are considered unofficial if the student fails to obtain the required written approvals as outlined above.

Withdrawal from courses may impact financial aid and/or inter-collegiate athletic eligibility. Students are encouraged to discuss these implications with family, faculty advisors, coaches, and counselors from Financial Planning or the Dean of Students Office.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, a student will be permitted a maximum of four course withdrawals at Juniata College during the undergraduate career.

W (withdrawal). If a student withdraws from the College during a semester with the Dean of Students approval , the Registrar will enter a grade of "W" for all registered but not completed courses. "W" grades are not calculated in the student's cumulative GPA, but may have other ramifications. Students who withdraw during a semester may still have financial obligations to the College. Students are encouraged to discuss these matters with family, faculty advisors and counselors from Financial Planning and the Dean of Students Office.

If students withdraw from all classes (withdrawal from the College), they must apply to the Student Academic Development Committee through the Registrar to be readmitted.

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