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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

FERPA (otherwise known as The Buckley Amendment)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), commonly referred to as the Buckley Amendment, provides college students with certain rights relative to access and release of records that are personally identifiable.  Juniata College’s policy and procedures relating to the amendment are outlined below:

Student Records

Directory Information

Directory Information includes name, home and local address, home and local phone number, email address, POE, class level, co-curricular activities, dates of attendance, enrollment status, cumulative credit hours, degrees, honors and awards received, and College-sanctioned photographic imagery. College-sanctioned photographic imagery is defined as digital or photographically printed images captured and created by College-financed operations including but not limited to the Marketing Office, the Digital Media Studio, the Advancement Office, Student Services, and the Office of the Registrar Juniata may use parents names to promote announcements of their student's activities.

Students may refuse to have the directory information listed above, or some of the categories, released to third parties by submitting a written request to the Dean of Students by the fourth week of any given semester. Juniata has determined that College-sanctioned photographic imagery is part of directory information, and thus is covered by blanket permissions implied in the Juniata policies regarding directory information.


Parental Notification

 In the interest of promoting better communication regarding students’ academic and personal development, parents of dependent students may opt to receive copies of all correspondences involving violations, charges, actions, awards and citations that are sent from the Dean of Students Office to respective students unless we are asked not to send copies (hard waiver).  Revealing such information is permissible under section 4.1 Disclosure of Educational Record Information – 3i, which permits colleges to share educational records or components thereof without the written consent of the student to “parents of a student who have established that student’s status as a dependent” (chapter 5.3).

The Registrar’s Office for academic actions will release grades and send copies of academic actions including academic probation, suspension and dismissal, to parents of dependent students provided there is an acknowledge consent on file from the respective student.  If students would like parents to receive grade reports for the semester, the student must submit a request form each time the grades are to be sent. The form is located in the Registrar's office.

The Student Accounting Services Office will communicate with parents of dependent students about billing for course registration, room and board, and any incidental fees which are the responsibility of a registered Juniata College student. 

NOTE: By registering, students are obligated to pay tuition, fees and other charges associated with the registration.  Failure to meet these obligations by scheduled due dates, may result in additional costs associated with collection efforts including late fees, collection agency commissions, court costs, and other collection costs that might be incurred.

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